Things to do in Montreal- Your guide to nightlife and more!


Montreal is famed for its thriving nightlife and melange of culture. If you are here for work or on a vacation, you would probably spend at least three days enjoying sights in different districts. Did you know that Montreal has the greatest number of French-speaking people in the world, just after Paris? No wonder, it’s also referred as the “The Paris of Canada”. In this post, we will talk about the nightlife in Montreal and what you can expect to do here.

Bar hopping is the thing here!

Montreal is one of the few cities, where there’s something for every budget. You don’t have to spend considerable money to enjoy the best of pubbing and clubbing here, although there are some amazing upscale choices like Mad Hatter Pub too. The idea is to find what you like. In terms of locations, there are three distinct strips where you can go for bar hopping in Montreal-

  • Rue Crescent. This is located in downtown, where most bars serve tourists and English-speaking people. Yes, the prices are on the high side, but again, the experience is worth paying, especially if you don’t mind paying that tad more.
  • Then there’s Boulevard Saint-Laurent, where you will find the student crowd. The prices are more affordable, and if you like to stay with the young, this is a nice place to understand the fun life of Montreal.
  • The final range of trendy and fun bars are located between avenue des Pins and rue Sherbrooke. These basically cater to Francophones, but you will find some really budget choices here. If you want to experience bar hopping with the French-speaking audience, Rue Saint-Denis is where you need to head.

Montreal has an insane number of bars, so there’s never a need to wait for a drink. Events are aplenty, and most of the better bars do have pool tables and other things that you can enjoy. Keep the weekend in mind, because you would find most of the town having a lazy drink by the evening. Also, some of the places serve insanely cheap beer, which might attract backpackers.

Dance clubs are also fun here in Montreal, especially around the downtown area. Some of the best ones can be found at boulevard Saint-Laurent. After-hours clubs are also a thing here, and these are open after 3 am, but don’t serve alcohol by law.  Check online for more details.