You Have Been Brunching Wrong All This Time in 3 Ways


If there is any topic that segregates the US besides politics, then it is brunch. A few good number of Americans perceive it as incomplete unless and until it is preceded by the word ‘bottomless’. Others view it as the most social meal in the world; an opportunity to consume runny eggs, and drinking spicy Bloody Marys in the afternoon to recover or to prolong the party. We have compiled a list of do’s and don’ts from the opinions of the food experts. Read on.

  1. You arrive to the brunch place hungry

Unless you wake up to your set alarm so you are sure to be the first one inside when the doors are open, however, you are most likely not be sitting down immediately at the best brunch spots, which often don’t accept reservations. Many restaurants have a schedule to follow to organize a brunch, but some guests come in hung over, so you should bring some nuts along. It is also known that your conversations are meant to be heard while you are waiting in the brunch line, and they are probably the worst. The gist is to bring some noise canceling headphones along.

  1. You believe in some really outdated prejudices

A food expert who once visited Las Olas brunch in American Social believes that it is quite ridiculous to judge Eggs Benedict like people used to do decades ago. It is a beautiful dish, perfect and oozing eggs with warm, buttery, lemony Hollandaise cut into a crispy piece of cured pork and toasty English muffin. People should be able to relish that meal now with no judgment associated by a dusty association. If you are worried about the Hollandaise sauce, you shouldn’t order the dish in the first place.

  1. You are going in blind.

Easy and cheap to prepare brunch menus have become quite ubiquitous as the restaurateurs seek the ways to cash in for the love of breakfast food. However, that doesn’t mean a trendy Italian place has a destination menu. Never go to a brunch place without a suggestion from a reliable source. Also check their Instagram accounts to determine the personality of a restaurant. Looking at the photos of the food and space also helps a lot. Also know the playlist. Stay away from the place that plays EDM during the brunch.