Three Things you Should Know about Rehearsal Dinners


Weddings include various preparations, activities, and obligations. You need to write invitations and coordinate photo shoots. You need to think about shopping for a wedding dress, choosing a wedding venue, and choosing a caterer. Also, there are events you have to plan outside the wedding such as a rehearsal dinner. Despite all the stress you have to endure when planning your wedding, you can use the rehearsal dinner as the best time to relax and spend more informal time with your loved ones. No matter how you were informed by your friends and family members about this kind of dinner, there might be some things you still need to know about it. These include the following:

The Dinner Doesn’t Not Have to be about your Immediate Family Number

Traditional rehearsal dinners involve a traditional guest list with only your immediate family and the family of your spouse can attend. But, you can have this dinner to include your closest friends or colleagues. The point is to invite important people who can make you feel relax before the wedding day.

The Bride’s Family can Pay for the Dinner

Traditionally, the groom’s family takes of the rehearsal dinner bill. But, if the bride’s family insists, they can always pay for Grooms dinner catering Hastings.

The Dinner Does not Have to be Always Formal

A rehearsal dinner can be made as formal as a banquet or as simple as a picnic. There is no need to spend a fortune or prepare any fancy activities if this is what you prefer. But, of course, this depends on what you and your spouse can agree on. Depending on your chosen theme, you may even forego the time for toasts, especially if you only wish to have an intimate conversation with the people around you. The toasts can certainly happen at the wedding dinner.

In terms of your rehearsal dinner, you must follow some rules. First, ensure you have a personal event. Focus on doing what makes you feel comfortable and special. Use your creative side to make the event as satisfying for all as possible. Second, make sure the event is interactive. Everybody must have a part to play, whether they take part in games or engage in conversations. Make the event something fun and exciting. And if you prefer a traditional rehearsal dinner, you can ease the process by hiring a reputable catering company to take care of the foods and drinks.