A Quick Overview Of Nutritional Values That You Are Likely To Find On The Cheescake Factory Menu


Generally, people with strict healthy diets find it challenging to dine out. It means that you have to be careful with where and what you eat. Think of a situation where you are traveling or maybe it’s a special family occasion and you have to take your family out. Well, you’ll definitely need somewhere you can dine.

However, instead of opting for any other restaurant, you need a restaurant that’s not only famed for the quality of food that they offer but one that can also satisfy your specification, especially with respect to their nutritional value and other diet-related aspects. In America, one such restaurant is the highly celebrated Cheescake Factory. Cheescake Factory has some of the finest dishes that you find in the whole of America. They are very particular about the nutritional values of the foods that they offer, so you can always determine what you take in terms of calories, fat, proteins, and minerals. Without much ado, here is a quick overview of what you are likely to find in their Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner menus.

  1. Breakfast

Cheescake Factory is known to provide heavy dishes for breakfast. Depending on your nutritional needs, you can take as high as 1200 calories. For example, an intake of Double-Bacon Cheese burger gives you 1100 calories. The value will go up depending on the accompaniment that you take. You can also opt for an omelet (egg-white) or its equivalent. Taking an omelet minus cheese gives you 250 calories, 3g fat, and 36g protein. If you go for an egg sandwich, however, the calorie intake is higher—about 770. If you opt for the regular Cheeseburger for breakfast, you are likely to consume about 560 calories.

  1. Lunch

The Cheescake Factory’s lunch menu is highlighted by high-calorie foods. You can ask for chicken salad which has an estimated value of 340 calories, 2g fat, and 32g protein. These nutritional values are also found in a Cheese-free grilled chicken sandwich. If you want an energy-rich accompaniment for the chicken, you can ask for sweet potato fries, which have roughly 180 calories. Alternatively, you can go for French fries and steak, which will give you about 800 calories.

  1. Dinner

Apparently, the dinner menu at Cheescake Factory focuses mostly on high-calorie dishes, such as large French fries and omelet steak, which have 600 and 680 calories respectively. Nonetheless, you can still ask for low-calories dinner dishes, such as grilled shrimp and crispy chicken salad, which have 250 and 430 calories respectively. If you want to play safe with the calories, you can ask for the hearty Cheescake Factory salad, which features diced tomatoes, cheese, and lettuce.

Final Thoughts

Even though the Cheescake Factory Menu mostly features foods rich in calories, fats, and proteins, you are not totally out of options. You can ask for low-calorie, low-fat, and low-protein options. For the nutritional values or information of other types of foods that are not highlighted here, you can always ask the Cheescake Factory personnel for more comprehensive insight. The personnel can also brief you on Cheescake Factory prices, food offers, discounts, and other perks that you get when you dine in this great restaurant.