three of the Best Bars in Paris

Cafe & Bar

Fancy a little bit of inside understanding in to the best bars to go to in Paris? From your outsider’s perspective, it may be be a little daunting looking for the hotspots inside a new city, and Paris isn’t any difference. Regrettably, should you finish in the incorrect bar, you might finish up spending an entire heap of Euros on overpriced drinks you had to purchase in order to save face.

We have all had the experience!

Here is a little rundown of the couple of places worth looking at when you are within the ‘City of Love’ that will not cripple you financially.

Chez Jeannette

This trendy little hangout bar is the best spot to grab a glass or two whenever you jump from the Eurostar. Situated right outdoors the Gar du Nord, the Chez Jeanette also provides a wide selection of food, with beers coming around €2 a pop, you are not likely to break your budget in here. The decor is really a heady mixture of chandeliers, neon and formica, and hosts the youthful, local arty clientele who’ve taken this area for their hearts. Most likely because of the prices, less the 1940’s wallpaper!


You will not find many bars on the planet such as this! Based onboard a red steel lighthouse ship, Batofar is really a super awesome bar/nightclub based right outdoors the nation’s library. With various entertainment most nights, almost always there is something happening aboard the great ship Batofar, with door prices different based on who’s playing. An excellent place to party till beginning, Batofar isn’t among the cheaper establishments, however their entertainment bill is first rate within the capital.

Bar du

This uber awesome, no frills coffee shop/bar is completely rammed nearly every night each week. Open till 2am with beers beginning just €3, the Bar du Marché does just what it states around the tin, an industry bar overlooking the rue du Buci. There is a certain charm for this place and it is decor that keeps the locals flooding back for additional each time though, so arrive early if you wish to obtain a seat.