Chocolate Marketing Can be Done in Many Creative Ways

Cafe & Bar

Some people look for expensive chocolates with exciting taste while a few of them purchase on impulse. Consumers buying chocolates are fragmented in respect to price range and taste expectations. Marketing of the artisan and inexpensive chocolate can be done in several ways.

Advertising campaigns

Online ads and Hoardings can be created. Take help from professional advertising agency with an experience in offering crisp clean graphics and dazzling photography. Even if your business is on budget stunning and appealing chocolate ads can be created and published on popular magazines to attract your target market.

Offer discount coupons or purchase incentive on your website, which works as call for action. Lay future marketing foundation by requesting viewers to subscribe or give their mobile number or email address. Visit this link –

Celebrity commercials

Popular actress or actor within your target market can be hired, to sing praises of your high-quality chocolate products. Videos can be created to produce a sensory rich commercial that shows the celebrity enjoying your confectionaries. Commercials can be placed on cable channels. Your hired advertising professionals make sure that your ads are strategically placed and they negotiate good rates with their good media contacts.

In malls

In a mall seek out locations near jewellery, lingerie, or ladies clothing stores. Female focused shops are appealing venues for selling your chocolates. Shoppers can be enticed with saving coupons on first purchase or free samples or seasonal sales. Creating a different chocolate experience will turn passers-by into customers.

Chocolate festival

Sponsor to showcase your latest flavor and trendy product line at the regional chocolate festival. Your sponsorship perk will offer leverage to select a desirable location or a couple of spots within festival setting. Have professional graphic designer produce exclusive exhibit backdrops as well as chocolate related promotional materials.

The ambiance has to offer sensory experience to festival attendees. Special purchase discounts and chocolate sampling can also help. Remember to use chocolate fragrance diffuser to pull visitors towards your exhibit.

Free samples

People can hardly stay away from FREE products. Free samples offered to passerby will not increase sales on same day but can impact the next time they pass your shop. Samples can even be delivered to offices around the area. In this way, you can reach individuals who stop for small purchase as well as companies looking for bulk purchases.


Chocolate can be manipulated easily. Personalized theme can be used for parties or weddings. Customers can order chocolates with personalised messages and images. Small chocolate makers can possibly engrave special dates or names. You can plan this promotion during wedding season or Christmas holidays.