Why Café Staff Should be Wearing Aprons


A café is a small, simple restaurant that sells beverages and light meals or snacks. This means there is not a whole lot of full course meals being prepared and served at cafés as compared to big restaurants with professional chefs. If people want to have a cup of coffee and/or a sandwich and enjoy it while seated in an outside area, they go to a café. But if they want to enjoy meals in style, they go to a restaurant and order from a menu filled with a variety of choices, from starters to main courses to desserts.

Since cafés aren’t as hectic as restaurants, staff uniforms are usually kept simple. But simplicity doesn’t mean having to forgo aprons when getting garments for café workers. That is why we have listed a few reasons why café staff should be wearing aprons.

Brand Advertisement

Many cafés these days are outfitting their staff with branded aprons as a form of advertising. Serving customers while wearing an apron with the café’s logo is an excellent way to reinforce the brand’s image in the minds of the customers. Think of aprons as wearable mini billboards that can be used to launch a cost-effective advertising campaign so that customers think of your café when they want some coffee. These aprons can also tell customers that you are proud of who you are, making them an excellent choice for effective brand promotion. So, if you have waitresses that serve customers, consider getting aprons for waitresses and branding the aprons.

Makes Customers Quickly Identify café Staff

When customers walk into a café, they should able to quickly identify who is working in the restaurant and who is not. That is where aprons, branded aprons specifically, play an important role in helping customers point out café staff with ease.

Makes café Staff Look Stylish

When selling anything, appearance is very important. That is why projecting a stylish and professional image can reflect positively on the café. Lucky, since aprons come in a variety of colors and fashion-forward styles, you can experiment to find that perfect touch that will make staff look good and ready to work at the same time. Plus, when employees look good, they feel good and confident, which can make them more effective at doing their job.

Keeps café Staff Clean and Tidy

One of the biggest benefits of an apron is that it protects clothing, which makes the café staff look clean and tidy. If there is an accidental spillage of coffee, the mess will end on the apron and not the rest of their uniform. Not only do they keep clothes tidy when dealing with spills, the apron also helps with handling messy jobs, such as whipping down counters and tables and cleaning after guests.

All café staff should be wearing aprons for the reasons stated above. Even though there is are no serious meals being prepared in the café’s kitchen, aprons can still serve a number of important roles, even if they are merely finishing touches to the staff’s uniform.