Exactly What Does the term “Natural” in Natural Food Really Mean?


As consumers, we have arrived at believe foods labeled “natural” are healthy and wholesome. We have been brought to see them as nutritious, good diet which are healthy for all of us to consume. The truth is quite different from that perception. That has control of disclosure within this situation, exactly what does “natural” food really mean and just what do consumers think this means?

The Fda has jurisdiction within the labeling of food. Presently, there is no regulation or oversight for which constitutes “natural” food. The Food and drug administration includes a broad definition for which could be known as “natural” within the food world, which enables food producers to trick the customer into thinking they are making healthy choices once they choose foods labeled “natural”.

In fact “natural” often means anything. Natural foods could be junk foods that have real 100 % natural ingredients which have been processed into artificial ingredients. Natural foods could have things that come from plants which have been grown from GMO seeds and also have been given nasty things like pesticides and chemicals processed with synthetic solvents.

Meat and chicken (including eggs) called “natural” may come from creatures which were given GMO corn and soy, given antibiotics along with other drugs, given artificial hgh, which were elevated in limited quarters inside a factory farm atmosphere. This limited atmosphere enhances the stress within the creatures, and produces elevated amounts of cortisol within the meat. Cortisol enhances the amounts of inflammation in your body which promotes disease and premature aging these elevated amounts of cortisol are forwarded to you by consuming this meat and chicken.

Consumers think that “natural” should mean something completely different and really should be considered a term they are able to trust when creating decisions in regards to what food to purchase. Based on the outcomes of a current consumer survey through the Consumer Reports National Research Center, U.S. consumers think that the “natural” label on food ensures they can trust that no chemicals were utilised during processing, no toxic pesticides were utilised, no artificial ingredients or colors were utilised, with no GMOs were utilised. The buying public also thinks this means, in accordance with meat and chicken products, the animal wasn’t given hgh or antibiotics along with other drugs, which their feed didn’t contain genetically engineered microorganisms and artificial ingredients.