Tips on Choosing the Ideal Cake Box for, Of Course, Your Cakes


The packaging is more than storing the product. It is a great way to articulate the difference and precise location of your brand, product or the company. While the customer is making a buying decision, experts claim that customer takes an average of 6 to 7 seconds to get a glimpse and idea of the inside product by just looking at its packaging. Keep in mind that the product which is attractively packed is deemed half sold. The same goes for the cake and other bakery items as well. The customer will always choose the products which are fresh, and has an appealing, shape, color, decoration and the flavour of the cake. But when it comes to offering them the cake in the best cake box they will ever get, here are some tips.

  1. Choose the right materials for the cake box

When it comes to packaging, materials are an important factor. Cakes are one of the most sensitive products that require special attention right from baking to being delivered to the hands of the customers. The material required to pack the cake shouldn’t be unhygienic and damaged, so as to ruin the product itself. Always consider to choose sustainable packaging materials like Kraft and cardboard in order to accommodate various cakes and other bakery items. There is nothing worse than buying a cake and being ruined when opened after the delivery.

  1. Customized packaging for size

Cakes come in several sizes, so ensure that you select such boxes that are customized for cakes according to their sizes. There is no logic to put a small cake in a huge cake box. And when it comes to product variety, it makes more sense to package individual products in separate boxes rather than packing multiple items together. This is done to fulfill the motive of raising the sales and impressing the customers.

  1. Ensure that the cake box packaging is durable

As cake is a delicate item, so the cake boxes must protect the cake with its strength. If your cake is delivered to someplace else, ensure that the packaging is durable enough for shipment. It is time consuming, inventory and sales efforts as well if the delivered product is found damaged. Cake box packaging protects the cake, elongates the brand image, and increases the sales of the cake.