You Don’t Have To Go To The Pub To Enjoy a Cold Beer Anymore.


When the weekend comes around and it’s time to meet up with your friends for a few drinks and some good conversation, many people don’t look forward to it as much as they used to. The price of alcohol in public houses has gone up a lot and is quite easy to spend a considerable amount of money in just one evening in the pub. This is money that you worked hard for all week in your job and it seems such a shame that you are handing over all of your hard-earned cash to the pub landlord. Many people are looking at ways to enjoy a cold glass of beer, but also to save themselves some money.

The solution is obvious and now more and more people are beginning to brew their own beer at home. All you need is some home brew kits and a co2 gas bottle to get you started and you’re halfway there. If you are interested in becoming a craft beer brewer but you’re not sure if it’s something that you can easily do, then maybe the following benefits will help you to make a more informed choice.

It definitely saves you money – After the initial purchase of the small amount of equipment that you will need for the brewing process, you should be able to produce beer that will cost you 50% less of what it would cost if you buy a from your local supermarket or beer store. When you compare that to the cost of going to the local pub, the savings become even more and you will be asking yourself why you didn’t start to do this years ago.

The benefits of live beer – When you purchase one of the many commercial beers, the vast majority of them are pasteurised which means that there are not any live yeast. The purpose of yeast is that it adds a large amount of vitamin B to the beer and this helps with the reduction in hangovers. If you brew your own beer at home then you’re actually doing something that is good for your liver.

Not only will you be saving yourself money but you will be also enjoying the many health benefits that homebrewed beer provides. Any doctor will tell you that consuming beer in moderation is actually beneficial for your health. There are lots of important nutrients within beer that help in the reduction of strokes, heart attacks and heart disease.