Dispelling the myths with pecan pie


There are plenty of misgivings that people have when they are invited to a vegan Thanksgiving. They feel that the food would only be healthy but it would not be delicious at all. They think that just because it is a plant-based diet it means that you are giving up all the foods you have loved so far. Just a pecan pie is good enough to prove them wrong. Quite often when people organize such dinners they are basically throwing away all the tradition just for the simple reason that they cannot have turkey. They let go of the stuffing, pie, and cranberry sauce as well.

In some cases, they settle for a Moroccan Thanksgiving and at times their Thanksgiving has lasagna as the centerpiece. Little do they realize that there is plenty that they eat in their normal lives that can be included in a vegan diet as well! They thus end up restricting themselves a lot more than what they ideally should.

The importance of dessert

When it is a vegan Thanksgiving you are hosting you need to realize that dessert is going to be a major part of the offering on the dinner table. When people have something tasty to eat they forget that they may be eating a plant-based dinner, something they may not have in their regular lives as such.

One of the major names in this regard apart from pecan pie is a chocolate pudding pie. There are very few people in this world who do not love chocolate. So, you can be sure that this is something that people would appreciate as part of the Thanksgiving night dinner. Yet another dessert that you can have in this regard is the chocolate tart. This is also highly popular. A fruit pie would be ideal for people who love their fruits.

The essential ingredients, in this case, would be apples, cranberries, and cherries. It is better not to have pumpkin pie because people have plenty of it around the year and come Thanksgiving night they would want some variety on their table for sure. Following are the main ingredients that you need for this pie:

  • firm silken tofu
  • melted nondairy butter
  • arrowroot powder
  • vanilla
  • dark corn syrup
  • salt
  • packed brown sugar
  • pecan halves

As such, the ingredients may be a bit unconventional but the final product is awesome for sure. It is really buttery and filled with creamy sweetness.