Note These Aspects While Arranging A Lunch Event!


If you are planning a lunch event, you must be careful with the timing and arrangements. This can be a private party, a special gettogether, or even a corporate event. To make things simple, we have listed down the things you need to consider.

  1. Use your budget wisely. A considerable part of the budget goes in booking the venue and caterer, so make sure that you have planned the allocations right. Do not overlook one aspect for another.                                           
  2. Venue is of prime importance. The season and weather largely determine the kind of venue you would choose for lunch events. If it’s too hot, avoid an open venue. Or else, just make sure that the tables are nicely shaded.
  3. Mix your menu options. For lunch events, people don’t usually serve alcohol, but you need have to a good number of beverages on offer. Also, consider the preferences of your guests before fixing the menu. Ideally, keep a mix between vegan food and meats.
  4. Find a good caterer. For lunch catering, you need a team that can get the arrangements in time and will understand your specific needs. Ask questions before you hire a company and do get an estimate in advance. Price per plate reduces considerable if the headcount is higher.                                                                                         
  5. Book everything in advance. Usually, lunch events are arranged on weekends and holidays, so that more people can attend. As such, make sure that the venue, catering and other arrangements are made in time. This also allows you to have a better control on everything.
  6. Make sure that the venue is cleaned. While discussing things with a caterer, ask them if they will do the setup before the event and clean up after it. This is important because many venues will charge additionally for that.
  7. Crosscheck everything a day in advance. Call up all the concerned parties and make sure that the arrangements are in place. Décor can be done beforehand, and your caterers can come over and get the basic buffet setup ready.                                                                                                                                                                          
  8. Finally, if this is large event, get a sampling session from your caterer a week ahead. This is important because many times the food isn’t at par with what you must have seen in photos or have been promised.

Finally, be courteous as a host. Take feedback from your guests, understand what could have been better, so that you can make things better the next time.